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Transitions into new leadership roles can prove a real test for even the most senior executives. Working with a dedicated counselor during this period can provide you with essential support by increasing clarity, providing space to think, opportunities to experiment and practice and developing your emotional resilience.


Working with Presidents, Vice-Presidents, Directors and senior leaders in the Technology sector across a range of transition contexts, we blend our professional background as senior Human Resources/Talent Acquisition leaders with our coaching experience and expertise in the technology industry, to create the right transition program for you.


Career transition counseling can be critical in supporting and engaging executives through times of instability providing a positive focus and enabling individual ownership of change. We will help you to:

•  Assess your strengths, limitations and weaknesses;

•  Structure your goals;

•  Create a clear strategy and action plan for the transition;

•  Brand and brag–the good way! (i.e., speak about your accomplishments with confidence

    and authority);

•  Enhance your interviewing skills;

•  Develop networking strategies;

•  Connect to senior leaders in the Technology Industry;

•  Be more assertive in your job search strategy;

•  Evaluate job offers.

Participation in the career transition counseling program does not preclude the coaching client from being a possible candidate on an executive search.  If the client becomes a participant in one of our searches, the transition program is formally suspended and the relationship with TALENGY focuses on the executive search.

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